FTV: Victoria - October 2012

FTV: Victoria – October 2012


Super fun, super cute, little busty girl Victoria is back, as she was so popular and erotic to watch — voted by the members! Arriving to the pink room, she’s her normal bouncy self and jumps on the bed topless, then masturbates to an orgasm with visible vaginal contractions… and even squirts by accident all over her clothes! Then she paints her toenails, then cuts up a watermelon and squeezes the juices onto her nipples, licking them off. She used to be a cheerleader, so she puts her hair in pigtails and does cheers for us, most topless of course, because we love watching those firm breasts bounce! Then using a water hose, she penetrates herself, and squirts water out! Sexy dress time, with heels… walking through an open parking area, then stripping down to finger herself. Time for the Vibraking, she sits on a glass table, and has several squirting orgasms that spray all over the table! Second camera angle from below gets more of the action. Out at lunch, she decides to walk topless in front of the restaurant, then run through the nearby mall topless, getting a lot of attention…………

FTV: Victoria – October 2012

Fetish and Porn Art pics


Good morning icon smile Fetish and Porn Art pics

This will almost one month we have a bad weather, rain, rain and thunderstorms, lol
And today it’s raining really hard!
Since I arrived in France I had never seen this …
We had a wonderful month of September, but last month we must be the least spoiled of France icon sad Fetish and Porn Art pics

Well this weekend was still good and hot, but I will tell you that tomorrow with lots of little pictures icon smile Fetish and Porn Art pics
Many things to explain icon smile Fetish and Porn Art pics icon mrgreen Fetish and Porn Art pics
Meanwhile a new fetish series made in Lyon with my black lover in a pro photographer!
My black lover wanted I come to posed with him for his birthday ….
And seeing the kind of work the photographer did, I was immediately excited! icon lol Fetish and Porn Art pics icon lol Fetish and Porn Art pics icon lol Fetish and Porn Art pics
To this day I never posed to be tied up, suspended by means of ropes and then whipped!
Between different rosebuds that my lover introduced me, more than 8 hours of photoshoot, preparation etc …
But I loved it so much… icon mrgreen Fetish and Porn Art pics
I’m kind of curious and very fetish, and I was really in my element!
I even made a big pee in the studio! icon lol Fetish and Porn Art pics icon lol Fetish and Porn Art pics icon lol Fetish and Porn Art pics
The only thing that really bothered me and which I would do is make me more whipping!
Already I was really hurt, I had blood in the buttocks and especially I kept registered for 20 days! icon evil Fetish and Porn Art pics icon evil Fetish and Porn Art pics icon evil Fetish and Porn Art pics
But the result is beautiful, it has made sublime pictures, thank you again ….

2111 Fetish and Porn Art pics 2112 Fetish and Porn Art pics 2113 Fetish and Porn Art pics

Have a nice day and sorry again for my bad english, Kisses icon smile Fetish and Porn Art pics ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Photoshoot: Fetish and Porn Art


Hello my loves.

Today I will tell you about my second day in Lyon :-)
So standing at 8.30 when I was a little too drunk and too much partying the night before, all I should not do, lol
We went down to a good breakfast for then I went back to finish getting ready …
Around 11:30 I arrived at the pro photographer, and just by seeing the pictures he had put in different places of the apartment, I was happy by the quality of his work!
It must be that because he is not conventional, as it is dedicated more to everything Fetish, BondagePorn Art etc. ….
Actually it’s just my black lover who knew him very well and had offered to come and posed for him…
He showed me several pictures of what he was doing his various books etc …
And I immediately loved it!

Arriving JPF then put me immediately at ease, very nice, helpful but also very naughty because he kept touching me, caressing me while I make up, etc. was changing …. lol
So we started with some pictures very soft, then went to lunch!
In return the session has become totally different and I even started making a huge pee on the studio!
My lover held me from behind and my legs wide open I let go by a super pee on the floor painted :-)
Special but the video is already great.

Then I changed 2 or 3 times of outfits, but I posed more naked with my lover!
Towards the end I even asked to be attached to find myself suspended, and it was really nice!
So I was suspended, and although I would have stayed one hour and it was extra ..
I love all that unusual, I am very curious to try everything except the violence!
Around 19:30 the session ended and I was tired with a super sore throat and belly too!
Although I had to stay one more night, we preferred to leave that evening at home :-)
But it is certain that I would see with pleasure :-)

Here are some pictures while I got ready, and make-up before being suspended :-)
Have not yet received the photos, I can show you something else, sorry!

271011 Photoshoot: Fetish and Porn Art

271012 Photoshoot: Fetish and Porn Art

Kiss and have a nice day ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Sorry for my bad english


Flashing and nude in Sormiou’s Calanque ♥ ♥ ♥

261012 Photoshoot: Fetish and Porn Art

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