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Gorgeous blonde girl likes flashing

For today this is Stacy !
Description: Wow is this girl gorgeous! A first timer visiting from North Dakota, she has the cute all American girl smile and personality. We first meet her at night, at a big party at a gym where we see her in a sexy dress & heels, mingling amongst the crowds. We realize she isn’t wearing panties,…… Read More here

Stacy is so gorgeous
 Stacy is so gorgeous
Stacy isn't wearing panties
Stacy isn’t wearing panties

This girl is really cute
This girl is really cute (more…)

Young amateur blonde likes flashing and fingering herself

For today this is Nicole !
Description: Recently turned 18, she’s a total first timer who has decided to start adult with FTV – and wow is she supercute! She’s got big beautiful hazel eyes, a gorgeous smile, firm figure and the most perfect firm round C-cup breasts with the total girl next door look. She’s pretty shy at first, we spot her at a sassy mall shopping, and dare her to flash her full breasts, which then leads to more dares like flashing her butt, and crawling doggy style and fingering herself right there!…… Read More here
Nicole showing her pussy in the street
Nicole showing her pussy in the street
Nicole open her sexy pussy
Nicole open her sexy pussy

Flashing and sex in front of my neighbors


Morning my love  :D

Today I’m not feeling well, I was very sick to my stomach. Shame
So I just put you a new flashing and sex series done days ago in front of my neighbors!

A few days ago and when I did a small series on my terrace to thank a fan who offer me a nice black lingerie, I realized that at least one of my neighbors watching me. Kiss
I love to show myself and all year long I provoked by being in very short outfits and mostly naked on the terrace.
In short, those who know me know very well what I mean, through different videos, here in France or when I lived in Barcelona, lol
This time I had seen it so close that watching me at the window but I was continued to posed once more naked. lol
But this time for fun and I left one of my toys and I dildo my little hole while masturbating me.
Course between my voyeur and feel this toy owning me, I did not take long to cum, lol

This is some pics:
Sexy and naughty in my terrace
Sexy and naughty in my terrace
Slutty with my black toy
Slutty with my black toy

Download here the Entire Series…
Flashing and sex in front of my neighbors

Huge kiss and have a nice week… Sweet Kiss Sweet KissSweet Kiss
Flashing and sex in front of my neighbors


Middle Eastern girl with big tits

For today this is Kalila !
Description: She’s a super-busty Middle Eastern girl having her first time experience in adult. Super excited, she’s a fun, sexually experimental kind of a girl, and wants to try a lot of things for FTV! Waking up in the morning, we watch her give her large breasts a hard massage, then masturbate with her fingers to orgasm (while fantasizing about a guy in her class) with visible vaginal contractions…… Read More here
Flashing in public Flashing in public Middle Eastern girl with big titsMiddle Eastern girl with big tits

Flashing and sex in public for truckers


Hello guys :D

Well here we are again for a weekend and unfortunately it will be rainy :-(
As I do not know what I would do …..

That last Wednesday we went to celebrate our birthday and we had a great end of day. Tongue Out
To start we had a great series of flashing in public photos in rest area and in front of truckers who watched me.
I loved it, too bad they were a little shy because I would have done some nude photos in all their big truck, lol!Kiss

Showing off my body in front of truckeurs

Then later we had a nice flashing and sex video, see below :-)

After that, we stopped at a rest area and as the sun went down we took the opportunity to make another series of flashing in public pics in front of tourists and truckers again.
A guy saw me naked was masturbated in his car, lol
2 meters behind, a man and a woman walking their dog, and the guy in shamelessly caressed, I loved a lot,  Laughing
I’ve seen several voyeurs do this, but never as close and especially in front of others, lol

So I continued to pose nude and 5 minutes later, the guy went by honking me … I was thrilled because I loved it, lol
Here leaving behind my back …

Nude in public

Then after that we kept the photos and have started a second flashing and sex video playing again with truckers ….
I was super excited and I cummed twice.

Thereafter as it was late and we were far from the restaurant, we went to get gas and there I, of course continued to show myself ….

Sexy and naught putting gasoline
One guy came to give me a kiss me while I was naked  

Then having super hungry we stopped at McDonalds which was 100 meters from the petrol station, and the guy who had become a little heavy followed us.

Later at the cinema I obviously showed off my body before and after the session, lol Smile
And the movie was great, I really loved it: White House Down
Full of action, great scenario with a good touch of humor, in short, I have made ​​it 5 stars, lol

That’s it for that day

This is 2 Vine videos:

And here is the flashing and sex in public video posted this morning on my website. Kiss
After having showed off my body in a rest area and to different drivers, naked I got in the car and while showing my ass and my pussy, I sucked my man driving Smile.
I was super excited and I started to masturbate me while continuing to suck my boy and few minutes later I cummed before my man fills my mouth with his hot milk.
He was also super excited because its jets not stopped.
But I’ll let you discover it through the Trailer:

Watch here this flashing and sex in public video posted on my website.

 Tongue Out

Flashing and Public sex for truckers
Have a nice weekend, huge kiss… Sweet Kiss Sweet KissSweet Kiss
Flashing and sex in public for truckers


Flashing and sex in the river


Hello guys

Here is a small flashing and porn series made ​​last month in a river.
I dildo naked all my holes knowing that voyeurs can watch me.
I was all wet, lol.Smile
Here are some pictures..

No panties under my skirt

Sexy and naughty

Flashing in public

Flashing and nude in public pics


Hello guys, for today this is some different flashing pics done in the last months..
All the pics are in his different series in my member zone…
Enjoy them because I love very much This stuff…. Tongue Out



Flashing and nude in public pics

Flashing in public in a erotic fair


Hello guys, this is for today some new flashing pics done during an erotic Fair!

I wore that night a sexy dress that did not hide any of my topless and of course no panties!
As soon as I entered everyone looked at me and I was super proud lol
Many fans came to take me in photos ….

Flashing in public in a erotic fair

FTV: Victoria - October 2012

FTV: Victoria – October 2012


Super fun, super cute, little busty girl Victoria is back, as she was so popular and erotic to watch — voted by the members! Arriving to the pink room, she’s her normal bouncy self and jumps on the bed topless, then masturbates to an orgasm with visible vaginal contractions… and even squirts by accident all over her clothes! Then she paints her toenails, then cuts up a watermelon and squeezes the juices onto her nipples, licking them off. She used to be a cheerleader, so she puts her hair in pigtails and does cheers for us, most topless of course, because we love watching those firm breasts bounce! Then using a water hose, she penetrates herself, and squirts water out! Sexy dress time, with heels… walking through an open parking area, then stripping down to finger herself. Time for the Vibraking, she sits on a glass table, and has several squirting orgasms that spray all over the table! Second camera angle from below gets more of the action. Out at lunch, she decides to walk topless in front of the restaurant, then run through the nearby mall topless, getting a lot of attention…………

FTV: Victoria – October 2012

Flashing in public in Girona

Flashing in public in Girona


This is a new flashing in public serie done in Girona (Spain) (2005)
Around the hotel, Elysa showed off her breasts, butt and pussy in front of all those who passed :-)

Voici une nouvelle série d’exhib en public faite à Girone (Espagne) en 2005.
Aux alentour de l’hotel, Elysa exhibait ses seins, fesses et minou devant tous ceux qui passaient :-)

Flashing in public in Girona

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