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Nude and flashing on a boat


Hello guys, this is for today, a new flashing serie post in my naughty website!
Posing nude with my girlfriend Stafina on a boat!
The photos are really nice, one of the finest sets we made together icon smile Nude and flashing on a boat
We begin the shoot with a fishnet dresses and all naked later icon smile Nude and flashing on a boat
Here are some hot pics icon smile Nude and flashing on a boat

001a9 Nude and flashing on a boat

Nude and flashing on a boat

Casie James nude

In the Crack: Casie James nude in Los Angeles


For today we have the beautiful blonde Casie James posing in Los Angeles.
Pour ce jour nous avons la sublime Casie James posant nue à Los Angeles.

This is some Pics:

In the Crack: Casie James nude in Los Angeles

FTV: Victoria - October 2012

FTV: Victoria – October 2012


Super fun, super cute, little busty girl Victoria is back, as she was so popular and erotic to watch — voted by the members! Arriving to the pink room, she’s her normal bouncy self and jumps on the bed topless, then masturbates to an orgasm with visible vaginal contractions… and even squirts by accident all over her clothes! Then she paints her toenails, then cuts up a watermelon and squeezes the juices onto her nipples, licking them off. She used to be a cheerleader, so she puts her hair in pigtails and does cheers for us, most topless of course, because we love watching those firm breasts bounce! Then using a water hose, she penetrates herself, and squirts water out! Sexy dress time, with heels… walking through an open parking area, then stripping down to finger herself. Time for the Vibraking, she sits on a glass table, and has several squirting orgasms that spray all over the table! Second camera angle from below gets more of the action. Out at lunch, she decides to walk topless in front of the restaurant, then run through the nearby mall topless, getting a lot of attention…………

FTV: Victoria – October 2012

Erotic pics with my friend


Hello my loves icon smile Erotic pics with my friend

Once again I run across with very little time icon sad Erotic pics with my friend
The housekeeper came and I still see the strings, and other sextoys in the house, lol
Since 15h yesterday we do different photo shoots and videos in the house of my different sexy outfits and also for foot fetishists icon smile Erotic pics with my friend
Very often the people asked me this kind of pictures, and also being foot fetish is something that I love but I’ve never done too much yet!
And since I’m really in a rush, I will return in the evening to post you some pictures of that!

Otherwise last August I met Elektra Glam who was in Cap d’Agde for 15 days if I remember correctly!
So we had encountered to do some sexy and flashing pictures together and we had decided to posed in the Gorges d’Heric!
The place was crowded, but as you are very exhibitionist one like the other, we posed nude while only 5 meters away tourists spend while they showing us !
It was a great experience that I renew with great pleasure!
But this time, in Alsace where she lives!
Well I’ll leave and come back later ……..
161111 Erotic pics with my friend

Sorry for my bad english and have a nice day, kiss icon smile Erotic pics with my friend ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Naked and naughty with our plugs


Hello my loves.

Having some problems today I will be very short, sorry!
Here’s a picture of me naked and taken in Roquebrun while a nice voyeur show me hiding behind the trees …..
071112 Naked and naughty with our plugs

Then this morning Enrique updated the site with a new serie: between girls!
Stafina and I posed naked with our anal plugs right next to tourists who were fun to watch us!
Although naughty, we caressed us from massage oil and of course we become more and more excited ………

Have a nice day, huge kiss icon smile Naked and naughty with our plugs ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

071113 Naked and naughty with our plugs

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Nude and flashing in public


Morning guys.

This morning I have family coming home and I have to hurry to store home, hide all my sex toys lying around, and get ready … lol
Yesterday so I went to the sport and as at one time we were alone, I finished naked, lol
Yes yes, but a guy came and saw me and he did not know what to do, lol
I’ll post naughty pictures and tell you this tomorrow … icon smile Nude and flashing in public

For today, here are 2 new naughty videos!
The first flashing in public with Stafina icon smile Nude and flashing in public
We were in a small cove in Cap d’Agde, textile beach, and although we were not only we posed with our rosebuds in puting us some massage oil!
I can tell you that we were super excited because it was very erotic, but 10 yards away, six people were sunbathing!
It was really a shame as we had done differently, lol
But even as we continue our petting, kissing in front of us all who passed the top or front of us …..
Here’s a little trailer:

Then the second is more naughty because it is just my second treesomes!
That was in 2006 and this was just 5 months I had given birth :-)

Have a nice day and a beautiful weekend, kisss ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Nude and flashing in public ♥ ♥ ♥

211011 Nude and flashing in public

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Flashing in public in the city


Hello my loves.
Again removed to Facebook!
The third time in a week ….
Unheard of for me …
Fortunately GOOGLE + is almost here and that there is more and more people registered!
Although I know they will not tolerate pornography, I hope they will be more flexible than Facebook!
They have everything to gain as more and more people are fed up with to get fired for FB.

Here is my link:

Just because I adore, simpler and more attractive than Facebook …

Well if this weekend has been super quiet, at least I worked all weekend!
As more and there was a lot of wind, I could not even go out and do a little bike!
Before long I will leave Cap d’Agde on the bike!
As against much earlier, it was superhard and physical but I loved …..

Otherwise this week will be dedicated to work and fitness and then Friday we’ll probably make a new flashing series ….
But this week will be much quieter than the previous weeks, I’m sure :-)

Then this morning Enrique has added a new flashing serie made ​​with Stafina!
So we posed naked on the road in front of the panel and the entrance to the town of Cap d’Agde ..
Then in one part of town we were walking with just our string and topless.. Some cars even stop at our height and they took pictures, lol
Also a lady of a certain age has even put in the middle of the road and blocking traffic to do a picture of us two .. Too funny :-)
In general, women hate us but that person just the opposite, she kept us compliments <3<3<3
Well I leave you wishing you a great day, big big bisousss ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So sorry for my bad English

Flashing in public in the city ♥ ♥ ♥

101011 Flashing in public in the city
101012 Flashing in public in the city

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