Hello my loves.

Yesterday and while we were on the road towards the gym, we had to turn around because we do not see anything because of the storms that had fallen in the region!
It had been months since I had seen anything so violent!
Although we did not have, or power failure, such floods etc. ….
This was not the case just a few miles from home icon sad Hot video with my black lover!
Today it is very quiet at the moment ….
I wanted to do some biking this weekend and make a flashing video, I think it will be super complicated!
If not tomorrow I must return to the sport as much as I did yesterday at home, this is not the same.
I do not have much equipment to work what I want!
I would probably see our friends and Sunday I’m the birthday of one of my lovers, lol
I must find something fun and sexy to propose icon smile Hot video with my black lover!
That much for now …..

This morning Enrique has posted two new videos of the week …
The first one was with my black lover in his hotel room in Montpellier!
Subjected for this moment, I walked naked with a leash in the corridors of the hotel ….
Then back into the room, we made ​​love, and he sodomized me and reward me later with his hot milk, hummmm
Here’s the trailer:

Then the second even more hot, no kidding, is located in the countryside during a photoshoot!
Naked in front of a church, I posed around the gardens and to the road or many cars passed …

So, I wish you a nice day and a great weekend icon smile Hot video with my black lover! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hot video with my black lover! ♥ ♥ ♥

041112 Hot video with my black lover!
041114 Hot video with my black lover!

Download here the 2 hot videos en HD