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03/17/2023 : Flashing, Masturbation, Blowjob and Mouth Cum

Description: Hello guys, for this day here is a new video of Flashing and Sex made yesterday afternoon.
After having exposed myself in the street, I have fun in the car, then on the side of a road I masturbate until I cum.
5 minutes later and still on the side of the road, I suck and receive all the cum of my man in my mouth.
Great afternoon
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03/11/2023 : Gang Bang in a Swingers Club. 10 guys fucked me..

Description: Hello guys, for this day here is the fourth very naughty video made in a swingers club.
This time, 6 months later, I came to make a show in front of a great number of people.
Seeing all these guys coming for me was very exciting, I quickly found myself between them to be fucked by a dozen guys.
I received a shower of sperm, it was great
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03/07/2023 : Dildoing all my holes with my toys

Description:Here is a new porn video in which I dildo my 2 holes until I cum.
Having all my holes filled is very exciting, I love it.
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03/03/2023 : Naughty Story (Flashing and Interracial Sex) made in Ibiza: 003

Description:Here is a new video of flashing and interracial sex (Anal) made on my new trip to Ibiza.
Third day:
Exhibition - Anal Sex- Exhibition in the street, restaurant, Ushuaia...
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02/27/2023 : Offered blindfolded to a friend of my Cuckold

Description:Here is a new interracial porn video made last night. My Cuckold had warned me 2 hours before that I had to get ready, very sexy, because he was going to offer me blindfolded to his Caribbean friend.
Although it was very cold outside, I had chosen a mega sexy outfit to go and join his friend at 45 mn from home.
I admit that I was totally destabilized, I had lost all my senses, and I simply let myself be guided by my Cuckold and his friend. When I arrived at his place, he immediately put me half-naked to take care of my pussy. 10 minutes later, he fucked me on a mattress on the floor, then he sodomized me during long minutes by making me cum many times :-)
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02/23/2023 : Romantic Massage Oil Masturbation Peeing

Description:Here is a new erotic and porn video made in the last few days while masturbating with oil until I cum twice.
Then to finish, I end up making a big pee..
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02/19/2023 : Naughty Story (Flashing) made in Ibiza: June (2022) 002

Description:Here is a new exhibition video made during my new trip to Ibiza.
Second day:
Exhibition on the beach - Pipi- At the restaurant - In the club....
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02/15/2023 : Fucked in the apartment of a real fan

Description:Here is for this day a new porn video made with a fan of my site.
Wishing to fuck me since many years, I made him this gift by coming to his house so that he could feel with his tongue and his cock my married pussy... ...
It was very nice, I even had the right to a very nice shower of sperm...
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02/08/2023 : Fucked by my lover in Ibiza (Beach and Hotel)

Description:Here is for today my new interracial video made in Ibiza with my Lover.
This time we started on a creek until some tourists arrived and dislodged us, lol
3 hours later, at the hotel, he fucked me and made me cum twice before filling my pussy with his cum...
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02/04/2023 : Naughty Story (Flashing) made in Ibiza: June (2022) 001

Description:Here is a new flashing video made during a new trip to Ibiza in June 2022.
Back in this wonderful island to enjoy different concerts during 5 days♥
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02/01/2023 : Foot fetishist: Foot job and foot cum

Description:Here is a new Hot video for the foot fetishists.
After a strip tease, I provoke you by caressing myself then licking my feet before taking 2 dildos in my mouth while masturbating my man with my feet.
4 minutes later, he was cumming strongly on my little feet, hummmm
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01/27/2023 : Fucked and sodomized by a black lover

Description:Here is a new interracial video made a few days before at a black friend's house.
As it was super cold outside, he invited me to come and have an aperitif and warm up together.
It was very hard, he licked me, fucked me, then sodomized me before offering me a very nice shower of cum...
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01/23/2023 : Role play: Djette sucking her cameraman in a club.

Description:Here is a remastered porn video made during a role play with my cameraman.
Dressed very sexy, I show my cameraman around the club while being very NAUGHTY, and he soon gets CALIENT, lol 
I can't take it anymore, I suck him in the gloryhole, then in front of the dance floor before receiving long spurts of cum in my mouth 
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01/19/2023 : Sex Challenge - Naughty Story : Flashing and Interracial vids

Description:Hello my loves, for this day here is a hot Story of 31 mn made during 2 days of SexChallenge....
Exhibition and Interracial videos
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01/15/2023 : Fucked by a stranger in a club in front of other customers

Description:Hello loves, for today here is a new porn video made in a swingers club.
After having fun for an hour on the dance floor, several guys followed me and one of them then fucked me in a more intimate room. It was so good.
Getting fucked in front of other customers is always very exciting.
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01/13/2023 : Naughty Story (Flashing) made in Ibiza: Day 007

Description:This is the seventh day of my vacation in Ibiza.
This day I'm going shopping in Ibiza town before touching myself in the fitting rooms of ZARA.
On my way back to the apartment, I masturbate on the rooftop knowing that anyone can come.
After having a good time, in the evening I expose myself once again with a mega transparent outfit...
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01/09/2023 : Sex Challenge - Naughty Story : Flashing and Interracial Sex

Description:Hello my loves, for this day here is a new 32 minutes Naughty Story made during 1 day of SexChallenge in Paris....
Flashing and Interracial Sex
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01/07/2023 : Flashing while I'm dildoing on the highway

Description:Hello my loves, for this day here is a new video made 15 days before by showing me and by dilding me in the car until I cum.
I love so much to please the truckers...
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12/31/2022 : Sex Challenge - Naughty Story : Interracial Sex with 2 black guys

Description:Hello my loves, for this day here is a new 20 minutes Naughty Story made during 1 day of SexChallenge ....
Interracial Sex with 2 black guys
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12/29/2022 : Naughty Story (Flashing) made in Ibiza: Day 006

Description:Here is the sixth day of my vacations in Ibiza.
This day and after having exhibited myself naked from noon on the terrace of the apartment, I show myself with my white dress opened on the front while going to the beach.
A few hours later, I wore a totally transparent top at the Pacha Club.
I love the provocation so much and to see you excited when you see me...
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12/20/2022 : Making love with my lover in front of my Cuckold. Creampie - Cuckolding

Description: I had come to spend a few days in Paris at my lover's house, and of course, I took the opportunity to sleep with him once again and make love to him in front of my Cuckold husband.
I love to feel his big cock invade my pussy and fill me with his cum, hummm I get wet just thinking about it, lol
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12/15/2022 : Naughty Story (Flashing - Cuckolding) made in Ibiza: Day 005

Description: This is the fifth day of my holiday in Ibiza.
Although it was raining and my lover left in the morning, I continued to show off by going to the restaurant with an open front and back dress, and then to the Swag club.
Of course I wasn't wearing any panties, so a lot of people noticed, I loved it :-)
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12/12/2022 : Sex Challenge - Naughty Story : Flashing and Interracial Sex

Description: Hello my loves, for this day here is a 29 minutes Naughty Story made during 1 day of SexChallenge ....
Flashing and Interracial Sex.
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12/08/2022 : JOI video: I love it when you sodomize me

Description: New video JOI in which and to celebrate the victory of France, I replace my dildo by your hard cock that sodomizes me until I cum in my little hole, hummmm I loved it... You come back whenever you want #MOANING #SUBTITLES #BLOWJOB #MASTURBATION #ANAL
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